Rainy daze in paradise

Since I’ve been in Thailand, the weather has been beautiful up until recently. The trend has been, if it does rain, it will rain for an hour typically in the evening or morning and it will rain hard. But the rest of the day, the sun is shining bright and hot. It’s been perfect.
The past week though, it’s been raining all day, which can be relaxing in a different sense.
Today is day two on main land in about two weeks, prior to this I had been island hopping in the Andaman Sea. It was splendid.
Here in Krabi, it’s a slow steady rain; with little wind. It seems as if this front is going to stick around for awhile.
Below is a weather map that I really find useful. It’s interesting; if one was to look up the weather for this area regularly; it’s going to say it will rain everyday and that’s far from true. The Thai people don’t seem to look up the weather themselves; maybe because it’s never accurate. But this map shows me it’s probably time to move out of this area.
Click on the map above to see the weather map from the Bangkok Satellite

Not to mention, my travel partner has gotten Thai belly. I guess, it couldn’t have come at a better time.
The owner of the guest house we are staying at has been very helpful. She has explained to me what the root cause most people get “Thai Belly” actually is and what to avoid to prevent this from happening again!
Most people think that Thai Belly comes from the water, but that’s not the case; it’s the food.
A lot of restaurants and street vendors do not properly store their condiments, meat and fish. She said sometimes she too gets sick. In particular, many people can get sick from the chili/fish sauce combo that is served with every soup. That is because the condiments are sitting out all day and can go bad without being chilled in the hot and humid weather. She recommended to always smell the sauce first to see if it is sour.
She shared with me many horror stories of her guests getting ill and being painfully ill for days on end. I will spare you the details but here are two commonly considered helpful foods for upset stomach that are actually terribly dangerous.

1. Milk

2. Bananas

She told me that many times, visitors will think that milk is a good way to “cool” their stomachs down. But in reality, that may be the tipping for them to head to the emergency room.
She walked with me to the Seven- Eleven and showed me a drink she kept referring to as “Soft Water”


She has shared with me a Thai remedy for upset stomach involving balm on the stomach and low back.

Alas, my friend is still sick and it is still raining.

Tomorrow we will start our voyage north! We have changed our plans due to the weather and the impending volcano eruption in Bali. As I have been spending my days in a Tsunami hot spot; the fear of such a disaster has increased with the possible volcano eruption. Although I love adventure; that may be just a bit much.

Where to next? Stay tuned!

Flying by the seat of my pants.

And what does “Flying by the seat of my pants” mean exactly?

Well Urban dictionary describes it as,
“1. to pilot a plane by feel and instinct rather than by instruments 
2. to proceed or work by feel or instinct without formal guidelines or experience”

I’m ‘Winging’ it, I’m following my heart, my instincts, my gut feeling wherever it may lead me.

I’m traveling with no written plan.

And what has such an action shown me?
How beautifully orchestrated this whole thing we call Life really is.


When we let go of control, and let the wind push us and pull us this way and that, a really magical thing happens. Synchronicities begin to pop up over and over.


Amazing encounters with complete strangers, that can make so much sense you may start laughing saying

“There is NO way that this is happening!”

These moments leave me star struck, in disbelief, flooded with feeling that makes my jaw drop down to my toes!

To me, this is one of the most beautiful aspects of life. 

This is what I live for.
This is what shows me just how intricate the web of life truly is.
This is what shows me I’m headed in the right direction.
It is to this force, that brings us together, that I give thanks.

“May the force be with you” 😉

Synchronicity is a concept, first introduced by analytical psychologist Carl Jung, which holds that events are “meaningful coincidences” if they occur with no causal relationship yet seem to be meaningfully related.