Leaving Thailand a few days ago was harder then anticipated. I didn’t want to leave! This was actually the first time I’ve felt that way about a place. I fell in love with the culture and the land, I loved all the locals that I met along the way, and I’m really going to miss tom yum soup and the white sandy beaches kissing the clear teal ocean’s tide.
Luckily for me, my agenda is quite lose and if I feel like heading back to Thailand, I can and I will. But it’s too soon to say. I have just gotten to Vietnam; many I have met have told me that they really loved their time spent here. I’d have to say, flying from Bangkok to Hanoi in December was quite shocking. It’s fucking cold here! And dirty. But this city is very special. We are staying in the Old Quarter, that is the hub of most of the museum’s, markets, and night life. The streets are narrow and over crowded. Every store and restaurant spills out onto the sidewalk. Sometimes I think it would be easier to navigate here by motorbike. There is so much life and action everywhere you look. It’s very easy and almost necessary to be completely absorbed by the streets when walking around. Looking forward and checking behind. Checking right then left then down to make sure you’re stepping over all the cracks. It’s best to check your head too as I’m a tad bit taller than the norm here. It makes for a fun, exhilarating yet taxing and tiring task to get from one point to the next.ย  ย the Yet ripe with the blood red history of a twenty year war.